19. adidas World Cup (Austria) (1)

Size UK7.5 Made in Austria


The old Austrian national football team used to have Puma uniforms and boots.

This image shows the Austrian national team at the 1982 World Cup.

In the qualifying league, they were in the same team as West Germany, and there are various anecdotes about them, but it looks like a Puma catalog photo.

Incidentally, the West Germans tend to think of Adidas from top to bottom, but their pants were Erima.

The boots of the Austrian team in this tournament were also quite mysterious and unique, but since this is a story about Adidas made in Austria, I will write about Puma separately (example).

Austrian-made Adidas boots are surprisingly common. Many of them are quite high-grade models, and in addition to this World Cup, I also bought the Austrian-made Europe Cup 80.

I don’t have any of them, but I have seen Austrian-made Stratos SL.

Now, this World Cup is the so-called old World Cup specification of Adi Super Sole.

Compared to the West German version, the upper leather is a bit harder and the quality is a bit lower.

In addition, the leather on the front of the shoe tongue has deteriorated and is peeling a bit, so it might be artificial leather.

側面の「WORLD CUP」の表示もよく見ると西ドイツ製とは異なります。
If you look closely at the “WORLD CUP” label on the side, you can see that it is different from the one made in West Germany.

The combination of a white trefoil on a black background for the shoe’s tongue mark and only a large trefoil mark on the heel is not found on the West German model.

In the case of the West German model with a black background and white shoe tongue trefoil mark, as shown in #11, the heel mark has a smaller trefoil and the word adidas.

The black back of the shoe tongue is also a characteristic of this Austrian model, and probably the same model was worn by some of the Hungarian players at the 1986 World Cup.

Some of the Hungarian players wore FX1 or World Class, why did this player choose this model at the 1986 World Cup.

I have no way of knowing now, but it is interesting.

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