229 PUMA Matthäus SUPER

Size UK8.5 Made in West Germany

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.39 『プーマ西ドイツ製からドイツ製、そしてその後の歴史とは?!』

There are many signature Puma models of Matthäus, but none of them are of very high quality, and this is probably the only one that was used by a top player.

However, Matthäus himself did not use this model and another player wore it.

88年トヨタカップのセレ(Jorge Seré)選手。富越さんの写真です。
Jorge Seré in the ’88 Toyota Cup. This is a photo of Mr. Tomikoshi.

Some people on the same team were using a moulded studs type.

先制ゴールを決めるオストラサ(Santiago Ostolaza)選手。こちらのシュータンは後のレセルバタイプですが、2種類あったようです。
Santiago Ostolaza scores the first goal. This shoe tongue is the later type of reserva, but there were two types.

This famous player also used this model in practice.

Personally, I think the charm of this model is the sole.

From late 80’s to early 90’s, this model was used by famous players.

I believe this was the base of the upper for this model.

I believe the upper part of this model is a Paramexico, but this player has been using a strange model at times.

The upper part of this boots would be Sfida. The player of sliding is a normal king.

It seems to have been the sole that was preferred when a famous player made a special order changeable studs model.

Now, the most important player is Matthäus….

When he made his professional debut with Borussia MG. He probably loved this type. This chest symbol is a proud symbol for the Japanese, but can the younger generation today understand it?

He was the only one to use Puma after moving to Bayern, where most players wear Adidas boots!


I think he continued to use Puma consistently in the club in the 90’s, and was basically all about the KING as far as models go.

However, I’m not familiar with the models of the 90s, so some of the models are unknown to me.

Image of Matthäus in the 1994 season.

The shoe tongue is similar to this one, but the sole seems to be of this type.

Jorginho played for Bayern before coming to Kashima.

Again, only one Matthäus player was a Puma at this time.

However, perhaps due to the injury in ’95, or perhaps because he disliked long shoe tongue, he cut off the same model of shoe tongue for the next year.

After that, he used a model with a new sole until about ’98.

From 1999 he started wearing Adidas boots at the club as well.

The Adidas World Cup was his favorite until the end of his time at Bayern, and then he used it in the United States as well.

There are probably a lot of actual boots left at the Puma headquarters. I’ve extracted them from here.

I can’t be sure, but I don’t see this type of shoe on the market very often, and it looks like it was custom made for Matthäus.

I think the Adidas shoes that Matthäus wore were mostly for the World Cup or Copa mundial. In that sense, the fact that he only changed one foot in the middle of the 90th World Cup final was probably an exception to the rule.

It’s a good opportunity, so I’ve compiled a list of images from major international competitions.

From left to right: 1980 EURO (World Cup of Adi Super Sole), 1982 World Cup (World Champion) and 1984 EURO (World Cup of 3 Material Soles).

The two left ones are the 1986 World Cup. The games against Morocco and Mexico were Copa mundial, but otherwise I think he wore the World Cup. The right one is 1988 EURO, which might have been this World Cup. But the back of the mark is white, so it might be different. I think all subsequent tournaments have been World Cups.

For more information on the 1990 World Cup final, click here.

The ’94 World Cup is also a World Cup, but until the first game (vs. Bolivia) and the second game (vs. Spain), it was the old type (with 3 lines extending to the heel), and after that (vs. Korea), it seems that the new type was adopted (right: the game against Bulgaria).

The 1998 World Cup (left) and the 2000 national team game (right). It was the World Cup all the way.

It’s rare for a player to have used the same model so consistently, and I think that speaks more to the greatness of the World Cup model in terms of being the record holder for most World Cup games played.

If you are a fan of Matthäus, you may have been able to collect fewer models.

It’s a long way from the main point, but I didn’t have a chance to talk about the legend’s boots, so I put them together.


Matthäus himself was introduced to the spikes from his time in Borussia.