6. PUMA WM Menotti (1)

Size UK9.5 Made in West Germany (Model No. 470)

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.21 『少し微妙な監督のシグネチャーモデル編』

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その頃、国内サイトでも昔のサッカースパイク探索はしていたと思いますが、品薄感は否めず、そんな時にebayで「vintage football boots」の検索を始めてみました。

初めは「soccer」、「shoes」や「spike」を検索に使っていましたが、どうも欧米では「football boots」もしくは「cleats」が適当らしいことを学びました。


本当は、白シュータンのモデルがよかったのですが、久しぶりに見た「Made in West Germany」の表示に一目ぼれして即購入したと思います。


また、このモデルは側面の表示の「Menotti」が筆記体ですが、すべて大文字で「WORLD CUP MENOTTI」と記されている西ドイツ製モデルもあります。







These are the first West German Puma football boots I ever acquired, not for the purpose of wearing them, but as a collection.

I got them around 2014 when I was getting used to buying things on the international auction site ebay.

On ebay, I originally started looking for machinery for work.

I can only buy things that I can pay for with my own money because I can’t buy them with public funds even if I use them at work, but the sheer number of items on ebay is so much fun to look at that I can’t compare it to a domestic auction.

I once bought a used piece of high-end equipment for $500 that would have cost over $10 million if it were new.

It took about the same amount of money to transport it from overseas to Japan, but I remember being very happy when it worked.

At that time, I think I was searching for old football boots on the domestic website, but I couldn’t deny the scarcity, so I started searching for “vintage football boots” on eBay.

At first I used “soccer”, “shoes” or “spike”, but I learned that “football boots” or “cleats” seemed to be appropriate in the West.

However, even on ebay, I couldn’t find a few dull ones, so I searched for a while and found this WM Menotti.

I wanted a white shoe tongue model, but I think I fell in love with the “Made in West Germany” label and bought it right away after seeing it for the first time in a while.

This model seems to have been worn by God (Maradona) during the Boca photo shoot, but I don’t know if he used it in the game.

There is also a West German model that has “Menotti” in writing on the side of the boots, but is marked “WORLD CUP MENOTTI” in all capital letters.

In addition to the West German model, there is also a French model, which was once listed on eBay from Bulgaria, but unfortunately I could not win the bid on it.

They seem to be sold on a Japanese auction site now.

Someone I know tells me that a PUMA football boots like this is in the Yahoo Auction, but I know the initial price, so I’m sitting on the sidelines, over my budget.

Yahoo! stands out as a more unusual introduction to spikes than these minor blogs.