1. PUMA KING(early-1980s)

Size UK8 Made in West Germany   

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.5 『80年代の(黒・黄2色ソールの)プーマ・キング編』 

English is Here

私の中での「King of football boots」です。



















This is the “King of football boots” in my mind.

The print on the old football boots often disappears, but I was fortunate that the gold letters of “KING” were clean because there are many models that are indistinguishable when they disappear.

When I look at it now.

It’s a great color scheme…

I guess I’m not so sure, but Puma’s mettle (crazy?) is that they took a back seat to Adidas with their two-color soles

I got this from Malaysia too, but it seems that there are football boots-crazies like me in Malaysia, and they have numerous collections acquired from the same place.

(Photo) Football boots all over the walls…. It’s an awesome and cool room, and the Mac is vintage. I’m quoting from here.

I probably started buying the rare, quality stuff from the same place I started buying “out of the box” after it was already in this person’s hands.

However, this person seems to be a big (West) German team and Adidas lover, and he wasn’t so interested in Puma.

He also has a lot of Gerd Muller’s uniforms and signature boots of West German players on display.

It is thought that it is a generation a little older than me because there are many of the star players of the 70’s such as Beckenbauer, Seeler, and Overath.

Also, Puma football boots from this era were often heavily degraded, such as the inner lining, so they may not have been part of the collection.

Lucky for me? It seems that a combination of the two was able to get the Puma “KING” without this person’s hand.

(Photo) On another wall is the ball collection. This is also amazing.

Most of the rare vintage pieces left in Malaysia today are basically leftovers from sports shops, so most of them are extremely small in size.

But these “kings” are around 27cm and I can wear them.

I rarely wear them, but I was working on polishing my football boots, wondering if God and many other great players played in the World Cup wearing them.