60. adidas WORLD CLASS

Size UK7 Made in West Germany

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.26 「86年W杯の多様なアディダススパイク編」


Is this model from around the Mexico World Cup in 1986 and is the heel line inspired by the Mexican flag?

The studs are also in a green color scheme to match the Mexican flag.

These studs are made of ceramic and seem to have been very expensive (580 yen for nylon only).

Now, I’ve written here about the very large variety of Adidas luxury football boots that debuted around this time, but I don’t think many of Japan’s top-level players were wearing them.

The first user of this model that I recall is Briegel (West Germany).

He was a former decathlete and seemed to be very intimidating just standing there.

In addition, he always played in the second half of the game or so, with his stockings down, showing off his calf muscles.

Mexico World Cup in 1986

World Cup in 1982 (left), and Briegel marks Maradona during his time at Verona in Italy (right). The boots look like this one on the left and this one on the right.

It’s a sight we don’t get to see nowadays because you can’t play without a shin guard, but I used to be rather used to seeing this style of play. If I were to do a muscle ranking, it would probably be Briegel at the top.