10. PUMA Professional (1)

Size UK5 Made in West Germany (Model No. 392)
(outsole replaced)

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.2 ~プーマ・プロフェッショナル編~

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In the old days, I think the “Weltmeister (World Cup)” was the most famous Puma moulded studs boots made in West Germany in Japan.

The “Professional” was a high quality football boots made in West Germany as well as the “Weltmeister”, but I think it was quite minor.

I had never seen them, at least not when I was young.

I found this model in an online shopping mall in Malaysia and it was the first white shoe tongue model I had gotten in about 30 years, but the sole was different and the lining was almost peeling off.

I think I wrote somewhere about how I repaired it, but when I started collecting them, “Nakajima” was the one who took on the repair of my never-worn battered boots.

I have never actually visited the shop in Sakai City, Osaka, and I have only contacted the owner, Mr. Nakajima, by e-mail, but he has always been very kind to me, even when I have a complicated request.

In fact, the shop seems to have quite a few regular soccer cleats enthusiasts, and there are several examples of rare vintage football boots that have been repaired into everyday sneakers.

Perhaps these are all examples of the same customer’s repairs, and it looks like they are bringing in actual football boots that they were wearing.
Maybe it’s not a collector, but someone who was a pretty high level football player.

There were other examples of Yasuda and Diadora’s football boots turned into sneakers.

If you’re looking to revive your beloved football boots or repair your sneakers, we highly recommend this shop.