379 adidas WORLD CUP WINNER (3)

Size UK10.5 Made in West Germany

This is the World Cup Winner (Winner) that I introduced here.

Luckily (?) I was able to get two pairs of Winners without soles, and I had one pair made to Super Cup style and the other pair with original Winner-looking soles.

Both repairs were done by this store.

I was able to find the winner, but as expected, the sole was not present, so I had to look for a model to remove the sole before the repair.

Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find a similar sole for replacement, and I think this is probably the only model that has the exact same type of sole as the Winner at that time.

Also, even if they were available, it would be impossible to find them in Japan because they are not necessarily the same size and they are quite large.

So, I would like to introduce the boots that I managed to find and sacrificed as a result.

First of all, I had the sole stripped off and fabricated from here for the Super Cup style.


It’s a very simple model name, but the two-color sole was unused. The original Super Cup has 12 studs, but this one has 13.

I thought about taking the sole from the current model Copa Mundial or Kaiser 5, as I did with this one, but the sole of this model, like the moulded sole of the time, had no reinforcing hardware on the toe, and the color was of the time, so I used this one.

The shoe tongue markings had been removed, but I had previously saved an image of the same model.

It is a black with white trefoil mark that looks like it was made in West Germany or Austria.

However, the reverse side of this model is

It’s not “made in”, it’s “designed in”. So we still don’t know the country of manufacture.

I was able to find the Super Cup version relatively quickly, but the Adipan sole for the winner was quite difficult to find.

For now, here is the model I got for it.

最初にebayで見つけた黄色ラインのUWE SUPER(珍しいブラジル製アディダス)を両足とも使うつもりで入手しました。しかし、ebayの出品画面ではわからなかったのですが、左足のソールだけマッケイ縫いされており、さらにマジックで何か書いてあったので、とりあえず保留し、別のモデルを探しました。
I first found the yellow-lined UWE SUPER (rare Brazilian-made Adidas) on eBay with the intention of using both pairs. However, although I couldn’t see it on the eBay listing screen, only the sole of the left foot was sewn with a McKay stitch, and there was something written on it with magic marker, so I put it on hold for now and looked for another model.

緑ラインのUWE STARも実際に届いてみると若干サイズが合わず、また、スタッドも少し形状が異なっていました。
The UWE STAR in the green line also didn’t fit me well when I received it, and the studs were slightly different in shape.

After that, I couldn’t find anything good, so I decided to go for the slightly newer Adipan soles, and what I got was the silver line ARGENTINA.

最終的に同じモデルから両足用のソールを取ってしまうと、原型がなくなってしまうので、右足用は UWE SUPERから、左足用はARGENTINAから取外し、ウィナーに移植しました。
In the end, if I took the soles for both feet from the same model, the original shape would be lost, so I removed the right foot sole from the UWE SUPER and the left foot sole from the ARGENTINA and transplanted it to the Winner.

As a result

The Super Cup version and the Winner restoration model are now complete.

And yet, the Adidas moulded soles of the late 70s and early 80s look the same, but they were very diverse.

2色白黒ソール、ウィナーの左足、NATIO NOCKEN、ウィナーの右足の順に並べています。スタッドの形状や材質も微妙にいろいろ違っていたようです。
Two-color black-and-white sole, Winner’s left foot, NATIO NOCKEN, Winner’s right foot, in that order. It seems that the shape and material of the studs were slightly different from each other.

The sole of the Austrian-made Winner (below), which was previously given to me by my teacher of the vintage football boots, is a relatively new Adipan sole, similar to ARGENTINA (the left foot of this Winner).

Probably, this type started to be used in the early 80’s.

The sole of the Winner sold in Japan was the old Adipan sole, but the new Adipan sole version seems to have existed in Europe and the United States.

It took me a long time to get my hands on a pair of Winners, but it was also difficult to restore them.



The upper of the Winner (and the Super Cup) is Adi calf, which is a very smooth leather. However, the toe of the Austrian Winners is very soft, but the West German Winners are so hard that you can’t dent them by pressing your finger, and they feel reinforced.