332 adidas World Cup Winner

Size UK8.5 Made in Austria

This is the model I finally got my hands on.

This was also thankfully given to me by my teacher of the vintage football. Thank you so much.

I knew there was an Austrian-made winner from this image posted on “adidas-world” a long time ago.

The shoe tongue’s markings were blue and the sole was the old Adipan sole.

Another collector who have West German ones posted them.

This one seemed to have lost its sole due to deterioration.

The model I was gifted this time is made in Austria, but the shoe tan mark is black with white trefoil, and the heel mark is also only a large trefoil. Also, I think the adipan sole is also from the mid-80s or later (number and shape of studs are different).

I think this is the replacement studs type from the same period. . When I got this one, I thought there might have been a fixed version of the same upper, but it existed in reality.

The model name “World Cup Winner” that disappeared with the advent of Copa mundial was still around, wasn’t it? As I would expect from Austria in the 80’s, the Austrian model is unique in every respect.

The heel of the winner is designed only with stitching, unlike the Copa mundial. The only difference between the West German and Austrian-made shoes is that

The one with “WINNER” in the center of the model name display is made in Austria and the one near the edge is made in West Germany.

I believe the world’s best collector has one that is unused and made in West Germany. I wonder if there are any others in existence?

I also crafted the shoe tongue as well as this one.
The blue mark also looks good.

The teacher (myself included) was a shoe tongue fanatic and had a variety of old Adidas shoe tongue as well. He also gave me those as well, so I can enjoy changing them depending on my mood.

However, the teacher said that this blue-marked shooter was removed from a real World Cup winner, and the body was disposed of because the sole had deteriorated.

What a waste. I wish I’d gotten to know him earlier…

It’s a beehive of hope any longer.

The upper is naturally an Adi calf, but I thought this was the equivalent of a box calf in Puma.

But, Adidas also had a box calf model as well as the Adi calf. What is leather upper?

If we get this far, I’d like to see the right model of this one’s relatives somehow.


I forgot the picture of the shoe tongue I received from the teacher. He also gave me many valuable studs.