13. adidas World Champion 70s (1)

Size UK6.5 Made in West Germany


This is a relatively recent acquisition.

I have an old image of the model with one color white sole, and it was a low price model in the 80’s. I didn’t think that I wanted to buy it now.

I think that top players were using it until about World Cup in 1978, but I think that it was almost extinct in the 1982 tournament when I saw it for the first time.

I guess the purpose of getting them was to compare them to the football boots of the 80s….

ただ単にきれいだったので、衝動買いだったかもしれません。It may have been an impulse buy simply because they were beautiful.

I dare to say that the notable points of the 70’s model are as follows.

1.  ソール
1. Out sole

Although old-fashioned, there were West German players (Rummenigge and Berthold) who wore this type of shoe until about the late 80s.

In 1988 EURO, Brehmeused them.

The upper looks like the World Cup of that time.

FKs were kicked with his left foot and penalties were kicked with his right foot, which I think was unique in a way.

2. つま先のステッチ
2. Toe stitching

This is the same type of “World Cup Winner” and “Super Cup” that are fantastic to me.

It’s similar to the Menotti series by Puma.

Adidas had sealed off this type of stitching for a while after the Copa Munial debut or so, but after Adidas Japan was established, they sold several models similar to this one made in Japan (examples 1 and 2).

It may have been planned and manufactured by an old football boots fan employee.

3. シュータンマーク
3. Shoe tongue’s mark

The trefoil is small. There is also a larger trefoil-equipped mark on this model, which I’ll upload soon (here).