27. PUMA Menotti Star (1)

Size UK9 Made in West Germany (Model No. 497)

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.21 『少し微妙な監督のシグネチャーモデル編』

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SPA KING (新タイプ)


Menotti Star(497)

当時の価格はどれもだいたい同じでしたが、Menotti Starが最もモデル番号が大きく、何となく最上位な気がしています。















The four most valuable models of Puma replaceable studs boots in my opinion are the following

KING (492)

SPA KING (493),


WM (480)

Menotti Star (497)

They were all roughly the same price at the time, but the Menotti Star had the largest model number and I think it’s somehow the top of the line.

Probably the one with the white attached studs, like this model, is older and was manufactured around ’80.

The studs then turn yellow, but perhaps the material of the lining has changed as well, and they are now mostly tattered, perhaps because they have become less durable.

For this reason, high value Puma models from the 1980s are often in better condition with an older manufacturing year.

Even in the advertisements in old soccer magazines, luxury models such as the above-mentioned four  models and Cesar Menotti were exposed more frequently until about 1980, so they are still worth looking at.

However, I don’t think that the football boots that cost about 25,000 yen at that time sold well, no matter how much I advertise.

So, from 1981 or so, the advertisements of the best selling price range model became more and more, and we only see the information of the retail store where the special price information of the high class product is occasionally shown.
(There’s no point in looking at either now…)

Now, these are the top players who actually used the Menotti Star, but it is quite difficult to find them because the toe part is just different from the King.

But when I looked around for the Menotti Star, I found out that Batista, Ruggeri and Giusti, who played for Argentina in the 1986 World Cup, were using them (maybe even Brown).

Here’s a photo of one of those players, Batista’s boots.

It appears to have the name written on the white shoe tongue part.

Batista even used a black-yellow-soled Puma like this boots with three Adidas lines written on it in subsequent international matches.

I think it’s a novel fake boots that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Maradona didn’t use the single toe leather model much, so I wasn’t as attached to it as I was to the KING, but I recently realized that it was surprisingly the majority in the Argentine team that became the world champions, and my view has changed.

I have a model of the yellow studs, which I hope to upload at some point (I’ve uploaded them here.).