14. PUMA World Cup (Weltmeister) (1)

Size UK8 Made in Taiwan (?) (outsole replaced)

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.27 「プーマの大定番・ベルトマイスター編」

I bought a few pairs of boots from a guy in Malaysia.

I remember being elated at the thought of getting that “Weltmeister“.

However, the condition was so low that it was not at the level of buying with money.

The usual lack of soles, but the leather part of the front of the shoe tan was peeling off in tatters.

In this period (probably early 90’s), this part of the shoe seems to have been made of artificial leather, and this is the unique way of deterioration of this model.

I have never seen this kind of condition in case of the model in the 80’s, but the sponge of the lining and the back of the stern is often in a bad shape.

I was surprised that this model has no problems at all with the lining and sponge.

「Made in West Germany」でないのも残念ですねえ。
It is also disappointing that this model is not “Made in West Germany”.

The upper is shiny and looks like man-made leather.

Box calf models in the West German era seem to be hard to find.

When I got them, I was ready to fix them, so I asked Puma Japan to put on the Para Mexico ones for the soles, and Nakajima-san repaired the shouters, and they are now in their current state.

How much did it cost me in total…?

Well, if I look at it objectively, it is enough as a decoration because it is the belt-meister itself, but when I think about it now, I am half-dejected that I did that much.