5. PUMA Cesar Menotti

Size UK6.5 Made in West Germany (outsole replaced)

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.21 『少し微妙な監督のシグネチャーモデル編』

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また、この黒シュータンタイプだとレーハーゲルモデルと見分けがつかないですが、最近のKING GEARのコラムでもご紹介したT字型シュータンのシーザーメノッティを入手し、このモデルとの比較ができるようになりました。


個人的には「Made in West Germany」が表示されたオーソドックスなタイプが一番好みで、国内でも使用者は多かったと思うのですが、今では全く見かけないです。

さらに、側面の印字が「Cesar Menotti」ではなく、「Menotti」だけのモデルもあったようです(画像)。








I got these from Malaysia as well.

It is unused in the box, but the sole was already removed.

I asked them what they did with the old soles, but they replied that they didn’t leave them.

Originally, Malaysians used to sell football boots of this age with different soles, so they didn’t seem to care about the deteriorated soles or anything else.

I think the original 10 studs sole is valuable….

So, I still can’t get the actual 10 studs unique to this model.

Also, although this black shoe tongue type is indistinguishable from the Rehhagel model, we got the Caesar Menotti with a T-shaped white shoe tongue, which I mentioned in a recent KING GEAR column, so we can compare it to this model.

That said, I don’t think there is any other model that has as many shoe tongue designs as this one.

Personally, I prefer the orthodox type with “Made in West Germany” on the label, and I think there were many users in Japan, but I don’t see it at all now.

In addition, there seems to have been a model with only “Menotti” printed on the side instead of “Cesar Menotti” (picture).

The Puma in these days is just so free.

Well, thanks to photographer Tomikoshi’s recent posting of rare old photos of players who wore 10 studs, I’ve been able to find photos of players who wore 10 studs.

Then I noticed that Grobbelaar’s 10 studs were black shoe tongue.

This type of player might be a Rehhagel model, as he is a European club player.

Leandro’s 10 studs were white shoe tongue.

The first Toyota Cup I saw was the Flamengo-Liverpool game at that time (1981), and I didn’t think I’d have to look into the football boots for that game as seriously as I do now.