283 adidas World Cup (current model) (2)

Size UK8 Made in Germany

As I wrote here, it is a long-lived model that is still produced.

I recently noticed that Miroslav Klose wore them at the 2006 World Cup, and he was even the top scorer.

(Wasn’t it too good for his feet to take them off?)

意外と最近までフィールドプレーヤーでも世界のトップレベルの試合で通用するモデルだったのは驚きです。Surprisingly, until recently, not only goalkeepers, but also some of the world’s top field players have been using this model.

It’s no surprise that this is the model of the 2014 tournament’s leading scorer, the Golden Boot.

Now, it seems that all of the German national team’s players’ boots were Adidas until the 2006 tournament, when they hosted their own tournament. In the world, it’s pretty rare to find a country where all players wore the same manufacturer’s boots until that year.

However, since this World Cup, Klose has been wearing Nike for the 2006 national team, and some players have started to use Puma.

(It seems that the first person to wear Puma boots for the German national team was Janssen (2))

Maybe something has changed in the rules since then, but German players are also free (?) to use non-adidas boots. 

Was it a historic national team debut year for Puma, the same German company as Adidas?

It’s commonplace now, but for those of us who have been watching football since the days of West Germany, it’s a pretty big deal.