16. PUMA MARADONA 10 (1)

Size UK9 Made in West Germany

英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.18 『マラドーナシリーズの不思議編』

This is the first signature model of God (Maradona) that I got.

As I mentioned in my column and book, God never wore his commercial signature model in official games. However, nowadays, many people believe that the commercial signature model is the model that God used, and it is sometimes sold at extremely high prices.

I think this one was cheap because it was used.

I also got it because it was a different model from the domestic version of the Maradona 10, which is rare.

The fact that it had a black and white “Torero” type sole was also a bit appealing.

At the time, I was disappointed to miss that the “Maradona Pro” made from God’s footprint was up for sale on Yahoo! auction.

The toe construction is the same as the Pele King and Rio.

The domestic version of Maradona 10 (also made in West Germany) is also this type, and I think it was rather popular among Puma football boots for a while.

Another feature is the material of the white shoe tongue.

The material of the white shoe tongue is clearly different from the white shoes made in Japan.

一応、「MADE IN WEST GERMANY」の表示はありますが、材質が通常の物と異なります。
There is a “MADE IN WEST GERMANY” label, but the material is different from the usual one.

This image is a comparison of West German Puma shoe tongue from the 80s.

The one on the left is the same type as the boots that God used.

There is one black skin like line in the center of the shoe tongue as shown in the cover photo of this site.

The boots on the right is WM Menotti‘s, but this boots (center) looks like the right shoe with a white plastic white part over it.

After all, the left type is the most comfortable for me personally.