17. adidas World Cup (early-80s) (1)

Size UK9 Made in West Germany


一時期、このタイプのアディダス「ワールドカップ」が安く出品されていたら、いつも買っていた頃がありました。There was a time when I used to buy this type of Adidas “World Cup” all the time when they were on sale at a discount.

I thought it was stupid, but after collecting a few, I found out that the same model is slightly different.

This model, unlike the World Cup 78 and the reissue model, has the leather heel on the outside.

I thought this one would be more rare, but it seems to be surprisingly common to find (like this one).

Domestically, they must have disappeared after the ’82 World Cup, when the World Champion and World Cup 82 debuted, but overseas, they were manufactured even after that.

Some of them are my foot size, and I sometimes think it would be a luxury to actually play in them, but without looking at the sole, I can’t tell them apart from the current models, and I’m sure no one would notice.

I have to look at the sole in the old images to determine that it is this model.

This sole was used in many other models, but this upper was exclusive to this model, and I don’t think this upper design was ever used in a fixed type.

Here is an image that clearly shows this special design.

This is a photo of Jacobs at the Toyota Cup in 1983, taken by photographer Mr. Tomikoshi, after the match between Hamburger SV and Gremio, I think.

Hamburger got the first goal, but they tied it up and it went to overtime.

The equalizing goal came from a beautiful long pass from the left foot of the latter’s demon sergeant, Magath, I believe.

However, Jacobs ran out of steam in overtime, and the players exchanged uniforms and let loose.

As a testament to the fierceness of the overtime game, my eye is drawn to the toe of the boots, where the distinctive stitching is clearly visible.

It is rare to see it so clearly in a game photo from this era, so I think it is a valuable piece.