15. PUMA Kempes Rosario

Size UK6 Made in Yugoslavia

This is one of the few pairs of Puma models from the 70s that I have.

I got it because I was interested in the model with the white line in the center of the shoe tongue.

I’ve collected quite a few that resemble the model God wore when he was active, but I still can’t find the only type in the picture.

In about ’79, they were T-shaped shoe tongue, but in about ’80-81, he wore this type of boots.

Before that, they were all black, but even in the early 80’s, sometimes they had black shoe tongue.

On the other hand, since the World Youth Games in 1979, he has been wearing white shoes as well, and since I started watching him play at the World Cup in 1982, I have developed a stereotype that “God’s boots = Puma West German white shoe tongue.

Now, the Kempes series seems to have debuted several times after Kempes became the top scorer in the 1978 World Cup. None of them seem to be high-end models, and this model is the least expensive of them all.

The orange color reminds me of the Cruyff model, but Kempes was a member of Valencia, so was it the orange line?

This Kempes Rosario seems to have been manufactured earlier than the model in the catalog (1980) shown in the image, and the plastic of the sole is pell-mell, a material that seems to crack easily.

The one in the image has a white inner lining and a different material for the sole, which seems to be somewhat stronger.

Since I started collecting, I have felt the depth of Puma boots from before 1980.

The model called “Rosario,” which was sold after the 1980s and took Kempes’ name, has a white line in the middle of the shoe tongue. I imagine that they somehow followed the old model.