7. adidas World Cup 78 (1)

Size UK8 Made in West Germany


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78がなくなって「WORLD CUP」になってからは革製の物もあります。






The World Cup 78 is said to have debuted in the 70’s with a pretty strong impact on soccer shoes.

I think that I understand that it is an important model in Adidas because the 30th anniversary model came out in 2008.

It is a model rarely seen on the overseas auction site these days, but it is the first vintage football boots that I bought in “Mercari” which is the most exciting time of the moment.

I think it was ¥80,000 at first, but as expected, no one touched it, or maybe it went down gradually.

I like that Mercurial is an instant decision, but I often regret missing out on it quite a bit.

I already have a reissue model of this as a resource for my book, and I wasn’t going to get my hands on the Adidas ones at the time because they were so expensive, but I fell under the spell of Mercari.

I used to look enviously at the only World Cup 78 image posted on the WEB site of “adidas-world” a few years ago (bottom left), but now I’m detailed enough to point out the differences in comparison.

What I found most surprising was the material of the three lines, I thought the lines were also made of leather for the higher end models of this era, but this model appears to be a thin synthetic leather (or nylon).

After the 78 was gone and became the “WORLD CUP“, some of them were made of leather.

2018 was the 40th anniversary of the model, but there was nothing there.

As expected, will they not be reissued anymore?

I’m hoping for a 50th anniversary model, but are you continuing to collect boots until then?

Well, I’d like to go blah blah blah blah.