70. PUMA WM Menotti (2)

Size UK7.5 Made in West Germany


The black/red bicolour sole was catalogued in about 79-80, and from 80 onwards it became black/yellow (extinction was around 88, and black/white was manufactured until about 98), so production numbers are likely to be low.

このスパイクはドイツの『インターネット上の蚤の市』eBay Kleinanzeigenで見つけました。
I found this model on eBay Kleinanzeigen, a German ‘flea market on the internet’.


It was new in a box, but there were only two photos of the upper of the shoes, not the sole.

I already had a West German WM Menotti, but since it was used, I really wanted new one.

ただ、このサイトは普通のebayと違い、入札や即購入ではなく、出品者に連絡して交渉するシステムです。However, this site is different from normal ebay, where you don’t bid or buy it immediately, but rather contact the seller and negotiate with them.

Everything of explanation was in German, but I tried contacting them in English.

I received a kind reply and the negotiation went well as they said they would send the item to Japan as well, but the payment was a bit of a hassle as they didn’t seem to have a Paypal account, so I had to search for a new way to get it.

When I received them and checked the contents, I was surprised to see the color of the soles.

I knew there were black and red soles, but I didn’t expect them to come in this form.