347 adidas World Cup II (3)

Size UK12 Made in West Germany

これまでWorld CupIIは黄色ラインしかないと思っていましたが(例1例2)、こちらは白ラインです。
I used to think that World Cup II had only yellow lines (example 1, example 2), but this one has white lines.

I also got this from my teacher of the vintage football.

The three lines on the yellow version look like vinyl, but this one is made of leather.

In case you’re wondering, it’s listed as a UK12, but it may be a bit larger.

This is one of the largest boots I own.

サイズが大きいといろいろ変わった部分が散見されることがあるのですが、シュータンマークもこれまで見たことがあるWorld CupIIとは違うパターンです。
The shoe tongue markings are a different pattern from the World Cup II I’ve seen before.

Also, the leather on the upper seems to be kangaroo instead of adi-calf.

If so, it would be almost the same as this model, but in any case, it was a professional high-grade model.