342 adidas WORLD CUP (Netherlands model?)

Made in West Germany

This is a much-used model, but I got it because of its unique heel construction.

At first glance, it’s a World Cup with an adi super sole that made its strong debut in ’78. However, this model seems to have a piece of lacing through the heel that allows to adjust the size or fit.

I don’t know if any of the players are wearing these things. So I looked it up….

Here they are, the Dutch national team players from 1978 to 1980.

78年W杯予選のメンバー。Ernie Brandts選手がそれらしきモデルをご使用です。こちらで紹介したQUICKのスパイクを履いている選手もおられます。
Ernie Brandts, a member of 1978 World Cup qualifying team, is using the same model. Some of the players are using QUICK boots.

Brandts also wore this model at the 1978 World Cup, but I couldn’t find anyone else using them at this tournament.

Several players used this model at the next international tournament, the EURO 1980.

4番のHugo Hovenkamp選手や2番のBen Wijnstekers選手はこのモデルを履いています。この大会(イタリア開催)はなぜかユニフォームのメーカーロゴが隠されています。
Hugo Hovenkamp (number 4) and Ben Wijnstekers (number 2) wear this model. For some reason this tournament (held in Italy) has a hidden manufacturer’s logo on the uniform.

9番のKees Kist選手も試合によってはこのモデルを使っていたようです。
Kees Kist (number 9) also wore this model for some games.

Hovenkamp選手はクラブ(AZ Alkmaar)でもこのモデルをお使いでした。
Hovenkamp also used this model in his matches for the club (AZ Alkmaar).

I searched quite a bit for images of players from other countries at this time, but I could only find players from the Netherlands who wore this model, so I’ve made it a Dutch model.

If there is a picture of a player of other countries using this model, we will add it again.

Now, a picture of a model similar to those boots
 was taken up

Who is it? I thought, this is a great Dutch player of the past. I would like to write more about him in the next story.

The Netherlands went away from the international stage for a while after the 1980 EURO, and their next international appearance was at the 1988 EURO, which they won thanks to the success of Ruud Gullit and others. I was not aware of the Dutch national team’s boots during that time, but this unique model made me want to look into it.