336 ANTONINI (Dirceu Model)

Made in Italy


This was also given to me by my teacher of the vintage football.

I had never seen this model before and I had never heard of the manufacturer.

サインがありますが、はじめはジーコさんかなと思ったのですが、先生曰くジルセウ選手のサインとのことでした。There is an autograph, but I thought it might be Zico, but my teacher said it was signed by Dirceu.

He scored the final goal in the third-place game of the 1978 World Cup, but I didn’t know him.

I thought it was inevitable as I was only familiar with him from the 1982 tournament, but he was also a starter in the first game of the 1982 tournament.

I am ashamed of my lack of study, as I thought I knew quite a bit about this squad.

Dirceu (fourth from right) was a relatively small left-footed players and I don’t think he played after the second game.

In the first game against the USSR, Eder (far right) started out wearing Puma changeable studs type (probably a King), but switched to a moulded studs type (Weltmeister), and scored a powerful goal, and from the second game onwards he wore a moulded studs type, too.

I thought CF Serginho, the second from right, had Topper’s boots, but the first game was Adidas. Some players were looking for boots that would fit in the first game.

Well, Dirceu played in Europe for a long time, from about 78 years.

He played for Atlético de Madrid, Spain until 1982, and after that he played for several teams in Italian Serie A.

It seems that this manufacturer’s boots started to be used from Verona, the first team (Atlético’s era had a lot of black paint and the manufacturer was unknown).

Verona Era (1982-1983)

Naples Era (1983-1984)

In Naples, He wore the number 10 before God belonged to Naples.

The Ascoli Era (1984-1985)

このメーカーのスパイクはこの年までで、次の所属先(コモ、アヴェッリーノ)は別メーカー(Panto fola d’oro)だったようです。
This manufacturer’s boots lasted until this year, and his next affiliation (Como, Avellino) seems to have been with a different manufacturer (Panto fola d’oro).

Unfortunately, Dirceu died in a car accident in 1995 at the age of 43.

I’m sorry, but I’m praying for his soul.