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英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.47 「ビンテージスパイク修理編」





Maradona (God) reached the pinnacle of his career at the 1986 World Cup, and six months later he showed off his prowess in Japan, which had never participated in a World Cup at the time. The Puma boots with the moulded studs in the cover image were actually used by God at the time. If I had these boots in front of me now, I’d be very excited, but in reality, I’m worried that the soles are tattered and discarded somewhere.

Mr. Masahide Tomikoshi is a famous photographer who has been photographing world football since the 70’s when Japan was a weak soccer nation.

It’s great to see his photos on his social media sites these days, but the boots photos of famous players, in particular, make us sigh in amazement.

Tomikoshi-san doesn’t just take pictures of gods, he also takes pictures of the boots of legends like Beckenbauer, Netzer and Cruyff. I think it’s a rare photographer in the world who can be allowed to do this.
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Figure 1: Another angle image of the above photo. Mr. Tomikoshi-san must have had such a trusting relationship with so many different famous players that he was able to take photos of their boots up close, and even change the way they were placed. As a South American player, God didn’t use insoles either.

The boots on those figures are the moulded studs model used in practice two days before the Xerox Super Soccer tournament in January 1987, and GOD used the changeable studs model in the game.

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Figure 2: God at the 1987 Xerox Super Soccer. As captain of a South American team, he played against a Japanese League team. The photo on the right shows him as the captain of the Napoli team at the 1988 Xerox Super Soccer tournament in Japan. In both cases, he used a studs replaceable model.

It seems that the spikes in Fig. 1 and 2 are God’s special order, and “DIEGO MARADONA” is written on the side of Fig. 1. I think the closest commercial products to this model are MARADONA PROI (fixed type) and PROII (replaceable type), which were sold in 1987. Both models are hard to find nowadays because only one size made with God’s footprint was sold.