328~330 Football boots worn by legendary players

328 Arjen Robben

329 Deco

330 Figo

These are three different types of boots on this site.

These were also given to me by my teacher of the vintage football.

I don’t have any knowledge about the boots themselves, and I don’t want to look into the details, but I tried to find out when each player was using them.

Arjen Robben used this model just after he moved from Chelsea to Real.

Around 2007.

But in the past, it would have been unusual for a famous player to change the type of boots in the same season, but somehow it seems that players’ boots change really often these days.

Next up is Deco.

This is the 2008 Toyota Cup, where he was MVP but lost in the final, which may not be a good memory for him. This is Tomikoshi-san’s photo.

The last one is Figo.

This is the 2006 World Cup match between Portugal and Iran. It’s like a ceremony where the new and old Portuguese national team’s most successful player of all time takes over the ace number 7.

In this tournament, Portugal finished in the last four, and Figo retired from the national team with that as the flowering point. The matches against Iran and Angola are the moulded studs type like this model, but he also used another model with fewer studs (is this changeable studs type? I don’t even know that).

Speaking of the Portuguese national team.

Front row standing knee pose, which is not so uncommon nowadays. Deco wore a slightly older model than the boots above.

As I mentioned here, this style was rare in the past, and I believe the Portuguese national team was the first to do it in international competitions.

Even before ’84.

The ’66 Portuguese national team. This pose may be influenced by a heroic black panther, but I feel this pose has been passed down from generation to generation, although it’s not always the same pose.

1986 World Cup

It was a cool group photo, which was pretty rare, at least in the 80’s.

Figo’s younger days.

Around ’96. There were a lot of lotto boots at this time. Many of this golden generation left the national team at the 2002 tournament, but Figo was the captain of the next World Cup, and Portugal finished in the last four for the first time in 40 years.

It’s a real honour to have such venerable boots in my hand.