90. adidas EUROPA CUP (1980) (3)

Size UK8 Made in West Germany


EUROPA CUPの3つ目は西ドイツ製で、側面の表示のEUROPA CUP 80が1行になっています。
The third EUROPA CUP is made in West Germany and has a single line of EUROPA CUP 80 on the side display.

It is the same as the catalog here.

The only player I’ve ever seen who wore boots with this model’s unique shoe tongue design was the West German national team player Horst Hrubesch.

It seems that these boots were used in the 1982 World Cup. However, the lines appear to be white, not silver, although the shoe tongue markings appear to be silver.

(解像度が良い画像は白黒でしたが、EUROPA CUPの特徴のつま先のつくりもはっきり見えます。同じ時のカラー(中下)だと、シュータンの表示は銀色で、ラインは白のようです。予選リーグではシュータンの表示がはっきりしていますが、大会終盤(右下)では消えかけているようです)
(The good resolution image was black and white, but you can also clearly see the distinctive toe structure of the EUROPA CUP. In the same color image (bottom middle), the shoe tongue appears to be silver and the lines appear to be white. (In the first round, the shoe tongue is clearly visible, but at the end of the competition (bottom right), it seems to have disappeared.

現在は閉じられてしまったWEBサイトのアディダス・ワールドの中で、アディダススパイクについてとてもお詳しい方が、「西ドイツには白いラインのEUROPA CUPがあった」とのコメントをしていた覚えがあります。
I remember in the now closed web site Adidas World, someone very knowledgeable about Adidas football boots commented that West Germany had a white line EUROPA CUP.

Hrubesch was a mainstay of Hamburger SV’s European champions, but he left after the final and didn’t play in the Toyota Cup and never saw action in Japan.

(He wore Puma boots when he was a young man (left). HSV when it became the European Champion (right). Magath, Jakobs, Kaltz and many other West German players played for the HSV (right). (Are the boots of Hrubesch in this picture adi?

If he had worn these boots at the National Stadium, Europa Cup might have gotten a little more recognition in Japan.

I hadn’t seen him at all since then, but he were the coach of the German national team at the Rio Olympics.


EUROPA CUP80の固定式はヨーロッパスターですが、