343 adidas v. Hanegem model

Size UK5.5 Made in West Germany

van Hanegem(ファン ハネヘム)選手のシグネチャーモデルです。
This is the signature model of van Hanegem.

ただ、ファン ハネヘム選手を知りませんでした。
I just didn’t know this player.

Recently, I finally started to look into football in the 70’s and found out that he was a great Dutch player.

74年W杯の準優勝メンバーでもありました。3番がファン ハネヘム選手です。ただ、この大会の使用スパイクはこのモデルのようなハイカットモデルではなかったようです。
He was also a runner-up of the ’74 World Cup, and number 3 is van Haneghem. However, it seems that the boots used in this tournament was not a high cut model like this model.

In his club (Feyenoord), he used high-cut boots.

There was also a moulded type model.

He was as popular and talented as Cruijff when he was active, and it’s rare to find a player who had a signature Adidas model for the Netherlands in this era. Although he is now 76 years old, he still seems to be popular, and this is a picture of what looks like a 75th birthday talk show.

It also featured actual boots from that time under the table. This is a similar type to this model.

Well, the player who used the high cut model in the Dutch national team of the World Cup in 1974 is

GK Jongbloed.

There didn’t appear to be any Adidas markings on the white part of the heel.

Final game against West Germany.

GKは背番号8は珍しい?この頃は国際試合でも素手で守っているGKがけっこういたと思います。この方は78年大会でもハイカットモデルをご使用でした。そちらは次回ご紹介します。ファン ハネヘム選手のスパイクは黄色いラインのこれでしょうか?
Is number 8 unusual for a GK? In those days, I think there were many goalkeepers defending with their bare hands in international games. This guy also used a high cut model in the World cup ’78. I’ll tell you about it next time. Is this one of yellow line boots for van Haneghem?

I heard that the historical striker who scored the final goal in this game is now 75 years old, but recently he is not in good health.

I heard that Mr. Diego will be hospitalized right after his 60th birthday.

I think that even heroes can’t overcome old age, but I hope that he will stay healthy somehow.

Come to think of it, there are many Dutch people with the name “van” in their names, and a famous guitarist of my youth passed away recently.

He was smiling and showing off his superb technique with ease.

I just found out now that he was born in the Netherlands. I pray for his soul.