326 adidas World Cup 74

Size UK8 Made in West Germany


This is also a gift from my teacher of the vintage football, but I think it is a model I rarely see in auctions, etc., so much so that I don’t think I’d like to get it by myself.

I didn’t think that I would get this model, so I had no knowledge about it.

The sole of the model until about ’74 seems to be very thin compared to the model after that. And it is fixed with quite a lot of rivets.

Here’s an ad for a different color of this one.

But there’s also an international version of the ad.

The shoe tongue are different.

Also, I found the actual boots on the internet that was advertised in the international version.

There is not a single piece of rivets on the sole.

The model that the world’s best soccer merchandise collector has is a different color of this type, but

After all, there is no rivets in the sole, and I have a feeling that the sole itself has been strengthened as well.

By the way, the model of the same period that this person has

WM TOP-STARについてもこれらとは似ても似つかぬ感じです(置いてある新聞のモデルとも違います)。
As for the WM TOP-STAR, it doesn’t look anything like these (and it’s not even the same as the model in the newspaper where it’s placed).

Models from this era are interesting because they have the same name but vary in detail, but it would be really hard to collect them on your own.