334 PUMA Völler Volley

This is not the model name of the Volley Volley.

It is a signature model of Rudi Völler, but the upper leather is a low-cost model of the shiny metal.

Maybe it was sold under this model name in West Germany, but in the Swedish catalog it was called “MEXICO”.


The purpose of the purchase is, of course, to compare the sole of this model with this one.

It is Para Mexico Due which was used by Mr. Masashi Nakayama who is one of the most impressive Japanese football players.

It is said that the soles were made for Nakayama, and although the color of the studs are different, I had a memory of similar soles in the past, so I wanted to compare them someday.

Unfortunately, I still can’t find the black stud model. Probably because many of them have deteriorated and were discarded.

Fortunately, the low-cost model with one color sole seems to be still available.

The metal reinforcement is different, but the base looks the same. The size of the boots are quite different, but the thickness of the studs is slightly different?

However, the material of the sole itself seems to be different from the color, and the cheaper models seem to have a longer life span as a result.
I just hope that the black studded model is still around somehow.