322~324 Le Coq Sportif football boots

322 Le Coq GRANADA

323 Le Coq GENOVA

324 Le Coq PALERMO

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to introduce you to a pair of vintage football boots from Le coq sportif.

GENOVA and PALERMO were given to me by my “teacher of the football boots“.

After all, he said that they were obtained through Zico’s influence.

This article was also introduced to me.

It is the introduction of the boots used by Zico in the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

This Le coq (you can’t see it in the picture anymore) is the boots from when I first knew Zico, so I have a strong impression of them. The first time I saw Zico in the Toyota Cup Flamengo (vs Liverpool) was also this boots.
It’s Dalglish in the chase. Both teams were great members. This is a great photographer Tomikoshi-san’s photo.
As expected of Zico, his boots are very important like TOYOTA Celica, the prize of Toyota Cup.

And he also wore the same model in the 1982 World Cup.

An amazing matchup between two amazing legends.
Zico is on the right and the left-legged strong kikcker Eder on the left wore Weltmeister.

I also own one of Le coq vintage boots because of Zico’s influence, and I have posted it here.

I wrote about Zico’s Le Coq and Socrates’ topper here, but I still have the impression that Brazilians in those days preferred the moulded studs type to the replacement type.

However, I thought there were few old Le coq moulded studs type left now, but I found them at this time.
It was on sale at the French flea market that I introduced here.
There is no unique white line of the heel, but the atmosphere is similar to Zico’s model.

The model Zico used was probably the “ESPANA”, which was a high-class model costing more than 20,000 yen at that time. I don’t know when this model called “GRANADA” was made and I don’t think it was a very high quality model.

However, this unique fixed sole with many studs is exactly the same as the Zico model at that time, so I want to keep it so that it does not deteriorate.