2. PUMA KING (late-1970s)

Size UK10 Made in West Germany


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I have only a few football boots from the 70’s, but I bought this one on ebay on impulse.

I believe this was the model worn by many of the Argentine players who won the 78 World Cup.

God (Maradona) seems to have worn a model that looks like it, too.

I think I first learned about the World Cup from the ’82 tournament, and I’ve watched every single one since then with a fair amount of seriousness.

However, I’ve noticed a lot of things about the football boots, even the ’82 tournament, since I actually started collecting the ones from that time.

These days, information about the models used by each player is tracked down, not only by the professional teams, but even in high school football, along with clear images, and they’re all over the internet the day after the game.

But in the 80’s, there seems to be a lot of fuzzy information about even pretty famous players.

It doesn’t really matter now, but I think it’s the mission of someone who knew then to preserve the correct information.

Well, the captain of Argentina’s team for the ’78 and ’82 tournaments was Passarella.

He won the tournament in ’78 wearing these “King” shoes.

In the ’82 tournament, they played as the previous champion with Belgium in the opening game, but  lost.

They managed to get through the first round, but lost in the second round and did not win the tournament again.

In the opening game (left), Passarella wore the two-color sole “King” (or WM), which was Puma’s flagship product at the time. However, he did not use the football boots of the game in which he lost in the first game since then (right), and replaced them with the same old “King” football boots.

In the ’82 tournament, God and other Argentinean players also used different football boots in each match even in the same venue.

I’m sure no one will remember the reason now, but I’m sure that even soldiers of the past war can be lucky to have them.