英雄たちが愛した歴史的スパイクVOL.35 「プーマT字型シュータンのナゾ編」

I’ve been looking at old football boots for a few years now and this is the model that surprised me the most.

This was the first time I saw them on this site.

It was around the time I was admiring God Maradona and was happy to get a couple of West German Puma models with white shoe tongue, including a King that I believe Maradona wore.

I thought that even that was quite rare, but I didn’t think that there was a Japanese person who had an actual use of Maradona.

It also looks like a T-Shaped shoe tongue, which I had never seen before, and the model name is König?

But the description is “When you think of Maradona, you think of Puma boots”….

That’s it?

For the normal person who is not interested in the vintage football boots, that might be enough.

However, it was a shocking pair of West German Puma boots that I was under the mistaken impression that there was nothing I didn’t know about.

The main focus of the article is on the uniforms and this is the only photo of the boots. There’s not even a close-up of the other pair (later identified as the Weisweiler King)…

It’s a feature article from 2016 (30th anniversary of the World Cup in Mexico), but at the time I was just a viewer and couldn’t help myself, no matter how much I wanted to know more.

Later on, I was able to meet the owner of the boots at that time, and I think it was thanks to the publication of the book that I was able to learn a lot about them. I have to try things.

It is still unclear whether the same model as this one was sold on the market or not, but it seems that this model was made only for a very short period from 80 to 82 years, and it seems that there was a model with only white sole, although there was a change from black to T-Shaped shoe tongue in early 81 years.

(God in ’79, not yet number 10. The image is from photographer Tomikoshi (always a great photo); it’s a T-Shaped shoe tongue, but the sole appears to be all white)

(Photo circa ’80. On the left is God wearing a spike that looks like this model. (The Argentine national team’s Puma spikes on the right are too disjointed for me to understand the time period.)

I don’t know if God played a game with this type, but for me it was more important to see this model in front of me and understand a lot of things than to know when it was in actual use.

The West German flag is in this place….

Even the studs are special….

Puma football boots are very deep.