244 hummel Liverpool

Size UK8 Made in West Germany

In case you were wondering, I got it because it was made in West Germany. The model name is Liverpool….

In the 80’s, it’s supposed to be Danish, but in those days, it was made in West Germany.

One of the most famous Hummel models of that time was the

エバートンのAlan Ball選手の白いモデルです。貴重な資料は先生よりいただました。ありがとうございます。
This is a white model of Alan Ball of Everton. The valuable material was given to me by my teacher of the vintage football. Thank you very much.

We recently celebrated our 50th (?) anniversary. So it seems that replica training shoes have been released by the club.

They seemed to sell out in an hour.

At this time, the players featured here were also using white boots.

Leeds UnitedのCooper選手。スパイクのメーカーはダンロップかな?
Leeds United’s Cooper player. Is the manufacturer of the boots Dunlop?

Bremner, who is also on the same team

This one looks like Adidas.

あのManchester unitedでも
Even in that Manchester united.

Along with the legendary players, there were red and white boots users (both seem to be Hummel). I received this material from my teacher as well.

The red boots are.

Willie Morgan選手
Willie Morgan.

The white model is

Ian Moore選手
Ian Moore

But somehow with this team, if they’re wearing the hazy colored boots, they’re going to be glared at by the big man on the right end of the front row.

As you can see, there were some players who used color boots for a while in the early 70’s, but after that, it seems that they only used black boots again.