3. adidas Beckenbauer Effet

Size UK9 Made in West Germany (product in the mid-1970s?)

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Franz Beckenbauer, also known as the Emperor, the Kaiser.

He’s a great player with many aliases, but as a late adopter of football, I’m familiar with him as a manager, but not so knowledgeable as a player.

I have heard that the football boots named after Gerd Muller were the first of the signature models, but I think the “Beckenbauer XXX” is the most varied of Adidas’ signature models.

Unlike Puma, Adidas signature models are often not high end models, so I basically didn’t get interested in them, and I don’t think I had one until I got this one.

There was this model on display at the KAMO (this is the most famous soccer shop in Japan) Umeda store, but that didn’t make me want to get one.

I knew that a Malaysian had this model, but I didn’t want to get it until recently.

However, upon closer inspection, I couldn’t resist getting them because they are very avant-garde for a football boots of this era.

The leather part is back leather (suede?). So, I’m not sure about the rest of the material, but it looks like it has some kind of grip.

Does the ball curve well?

This is a material and design I have never seen on any other model, but I don’t know if the emperor actually wore them.

Well, the last time the Emperor played a match in Japan was when he came to Japan, I believe, with Bayern and the Cosmos, an era when it was unthinkable that West Germany, led by the Emperor at the height of his powers, and Japan would ever play a national team match.

But Australia, now in the Asian quota, made their first World Cup appearance in 1974, playing host West Germany (their next appearance was in Germany, where they also played Japan 32 years later).

I recently noticed in Masahide Tomikoshi‘s photo that in that match, the Australian player Allston facing the Emperor wore Onitsuka Tiger football boots.

I have been writing that the first domestic World Cup use football boots were Mizuno, but I respectfully correct myself.

I apologize very much for writing something inaccurate due to lack of research.


There was an ad in a soccer magazine before the ’78 World Cup. It was quite an expensive model.